Since my early twenties, I’ve tried many things to help myself get fitter and to move and function as well as I can.  You name it, I’ve probably tried it - some things more successfully than others.  From classes such as Step, boxercise, Zumba and spinning to the other end of the spectrum - Crossfit (very intense but a fantastic way of working hard using minimal equipment and introducing weightlifting into your fitness program). 


Over the last 10 years or so I focused on running and threw in the odd bit of cycling as well to mix things up a bit.  I’ve completed a few half marathons, one full marathon and have also cycled in a few sportive’s including the London Ride 100 event.   More recently I have found my running mojo again and in 2019 I'll be doing two half marathons and a number of 10k races.  In 2020 I will be aiming to run the Edinburgh marathon.


Following training schedules and having goals to aim for suits me well and I like to see how my body reacts and develops with the various demands I subject it to.  It was when training for my first marathon I discovered sports massage which helped immensely and helped keep me injury free - I’ve never looked back.  I absolutely believe that it played a huge part in both my preparation and recovery.  So when I decided that I wanted to leave the world of 9-5 office work, this was the path I decided to take.  I trained and studied at the North London School of Sports Massage and I am now qualified with a BTEC level 5 diploma in Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy.  I am professionally insured and I’m a member of the Sports Massage Association.  Being a member ensures that I complete a minimum amount of continuous professional development (CPD) each year.


I’m constantly learning and looking to build upon the skills I already have, enhancing and improving my knowledge so that I can continue to help people to regain that balance in life that we so often lose.  So if you’re recovering from an injury, training for a specific event or just want to correct that posture that causes all those little aches and niggles then I can help.


March 2016

I've recently completed an oncology massage course which means that I can also help anyone who is going through, or has previously suffered from cancer.  Massage can be so beneficial both during and after treatment and can help tremendously from a variety of perspectives.  I've also been busy doing a myofascial release course which adds further to my skills and is a very gentle technique which can have profound effects.  


July 2016

I've now completed my myofascial release course with Myofascial Release UK which has really increased my awareness of how amazing our bodies are and how mysofascial release can significantly help.  By working in a very gentle manner, we can access the deeper fascial tissues of the body and assist in facilitating the release of any tension held within them.  This can have amazing results for people and is definitely worth trying.  If you are interested in having a treatment or would like any further information on how the therapy works then please let me know and I'll be happy to provide further info.

March 2017

Level 1 of Craniosacral Therapy (CST) completed.  Another very gently but highly effective method of assisting to body to relax, release and start to function again in the way it should.  I find that I incorporate CST techniques into my treatments as and when appropriate.

June 2018

It's all about movement this year!  I read lots of books and articles on different and effective ways of moving ourselves and this year I'm looking more into simple, primal/natural movements.  I've also over the years done yoga and pilates and putting all of this together gives me a good base of knowledge to pass on to you when you come and see me.  Always expect some kind of 'homework' to do at home in-between sessions.

January 2019

In May 2018 I did an introductory course on ScarWork Therapy.  I loved it so much that I decided to become a qualified therapist.  In January I completed the course and I am now fully qualified.  This therapy is an incredible way to help with the far reaching effects of scar tissue and the issues it can cause both at the site of trauma but also much further afield.  By doing this course, I have seen first hand the huge benefits that can be gained from the release of scar tissue and the profound impact it can have both emotionally and physically.  It also doesn't matter how old the scar is or how big/small - this treatment can make a difference.  From old operation scars to c-section scars, mastectomies (the list is endless) the condition and appearance of the scar can be improved.  If you'd like any further info then please get in touch and we can have a chat about it.

May 2019

I'm always looking at how the body works as a whole and how our internal systems integrate with each other.  I'll always tell you that nothing works in isolation.  So I'm always thinking about how you move, your emotional state (are you stressed?  Aren't we all in some shape or form?), your general physical health, how you eat (what, when and why. Another huge stressor!), do you hydrate yourself properly etc etc.  To further my own understanding and knowledge I started to look more at the lymphatic system, how important it is to our everyday health and how we function but also how forgotten it seems to be given its importance and the effects it can have when it's not functioning properly.  I took part in a two day course to give myself more of an understanding of how it's all linked and, for me, it's fascinating stuff.  I would love to pursue lymphatic drainage massage and that may happen at some point but in the meantime, gaining more knowledge on the system and applying ways to help you when I'm treating you means that I can incorporate these techniques into our sessions.  And do you know what moves your lymph very effectively?  You!  Moving around - walking, skipping, gently jumping up and down on the spot, gentle body brushing every day.  It all helps.  If you're an Instagram fan then locate Dr Perry Nickelston (Stop Chasing Pain). He's a fantastic mentor and shares all of his knowledge.  He loves the lymphatic system and his mantra is MOVE!  Move yourself more often in more environments in more ways.  It really can be that easy.

Coming Soon (November 2019)

I'll be doing another of Dr Perry's courses - this time it's Functional Movement and Medicine.  Gaining an insight into inflammatory conditions which manifest themselves as pain or in poor movement patterns.  Hormone, autoimmune and digestive issues - how to assess them and find ways to help clients get out of those inflammatory states as soon as possible.  It's an integrative approach using movement and is designed to heal you from the inside out.  Exciting stuff..........


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