So who can benefit from sports massage?


The answer:  everyone!  Our treatments and range of techniques that we employ ensure that you receive the the most applicable course of treatment suitable for your own specific needs.  Sports and remedial massage can help anyone who is experiencing pain and/or discomfort arising from one of many different situations or causes.  From injuries (sporting or otherwise) to postural complaints and the stresses and strains of everyday life.  Sometimes we see a drastic improvement after only one session, sometimes it takes a bit longer to unravel everything but by using a variety of techniques including deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, stretching and neuromuscular techniques, we will address the underlying causes.


Before any treatment is carried out, a full consultation and assessment is completed to ascertain the best course of treatment for you and to help you get back to your best and prevent any reoccurence.  Below I've listed just some of the many common conditions that can be addressed:



Frozen shoulder

Lower back pain


Rotator Cuff Injury

Chronic Pain

Runners Knee

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